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AKA Random, UltRandom, Random, The Random One, Ran, Owen, the short erratic one, etcetera etcetera...


The Origin

A long time ago (Way back when in 2004) a fairly long-time bunny emerged from the lurkerly shadows and created an account. After a few days, the Mayhem called to him, and he decided to take the plunge into the darkness and chaos.

The Golden Age

Thence (Then + Hence) he proceeded to become quite a regular, his posts numbering in the tens daily, for he only could access forums during relatively unpopulated times. Yet he had a hand in most games and was a diligent RPer, due to the (still) growing bond between his RP character and identity, which by now have become thoroughly enmeshed.

The Decline

Two words: -University- quite closely followed by -girlfriend-

These factors contributed to add to both workload and social life, leaving heavily reduced time to computer games and a still-growing family of webcomics to look after. This proved an anathema to the commodity of spending hours upon end in idle inanity on internet forums, but increasing the amount of idle inanity outside these.

Drawn back to EGS Mayhem by occasional sporadic impulses, boredom, general procrastination and sunspot activity. He feels he lacks the commitment to return to his forumite days, (despite encouragement from his now year and a half gf, who now is quite a bunny herself.), which in itself means he doesn't usually stay on for more than a few days at a time.

In Real Life

Random is currently 20 years old, and his birthday is on the 10th of May. He is currently a student at Southampton University (England), doing the second year of a four year Physics degree (MPhys). He is Italian on his mother's side, English on his dad's and eccentric on both. He speaks fluent English and Italian, decent French and a smattering of other European languages. Trying to teach himself Japanese, knows some kana (maybe half of hiragana?) He is currently Secretary of SAMS (Southampton University Anime and Manga Society) for the second year running.


His RP character is known as Random Chaos, a form-changing, portalling, technically timeless avatar of Chaos (page coming soon, am writing a definitive character description, which has covered two sides of A4 already), and is used for almost all RPs, with slight variations in appearance, personality and abilities. Exceptions include Ran, his scientist alternate.

  • Usual RP characters:
  • Random Chaos
  • Ran

Other (Supporting) Characters: - Some of these yet to appear in a real RP, or in one case are only part of backstory

  • Askar
  • Akesomaru / Akhajimaru
  • Blank Order
  • Sieg
  • Tenmei
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